What Should I Do If I Am About To Be Arrested

□ Use a Sharpie to write on your skin (preferably on an area that won’t be easily washed off) a phone number or two of a family member or someone that will help you. Also, if you have a credit card, write the number, expiration date, and confirmation number on your skin. □ In case… | Read More.

New or Changed California Criminal Laws for 2019

Lewd act on a child younger than 14 yrs old New name for an existing crime – PC (Penal Code) §288(a) was/is basically the felony of willfully touching the body of a child under the age of 14 with the intent to arouse, which comes with sentencing exposure of time in the state prison of… | Read More.

Warrantless ‘breath’ tests are permitted after lawful arrest but not warrantless ‘blood’ tests.

(per U.S. Supreme Court – Birchfield v. North Dakota (2016) 136 S. Ct. 2160, 2163) The Supreme Court of the United States decides that — the Fourth Amendment permits warrantless breath tests incident to lawful arrests for drunk driving but not warrantless blood tests. The Court reasoned that ‘blood’ tests are “significantly more intrusive” than… | Read More.

Expungement of My Criminal Record – Clearing My Criminal Record in San Diego

Expungement Attorney San Diego Can a potential employer ask you about your criminal history? The general rule is, Per the California Labor Code §432.7 (see below) a California employer may NOT ask a person applying for employment (including applying for a program that may lead to employment) about: Arrests that did not lead to convictions,… | Read More.