What Should I Do If I Am About To Be Arrested

□ Use a Sharpie to write on your skin (preferably on an area that won’t be easily washed off) a phone number or two of a family member or someone that will help you. Also, if you have a credit card, write the number, expiration date, and confirmation number on your skin.

□ In case the number(s) you write on your skin get smudged or wash-off, if you can, memorize one phone-number of a person in your life who will be willing to bail you out.

□ Have $100 in five-dollar bills on your person.

□ Have on your person, one form of ID (NOT a green card – a green-card will get taken and be problematic later).

□ Make a photo-copy of your ID (from above) – your actual ID may end up stuck in an evidence locker.

□ Get a duplicate phone or another cell-phone – for when you get out since if you have your cell-phone on you it may end up in an evidence locker.

□ Leave the duplicate ID and phone with a trusted person (think NON-co-conspirators here).

□ Remember not to destroy evidence. If it’s found you destroyed evidence, that will be used against you.

□ Do you take any MEDICATION? If any daily meds are needed, put a week’s supply in an original prescription bottle and keep that on your person. Meds that come in with the defendant may be able to be administered. It takes the jail several days or weeks to “verify” the person’s need for the med and provide it to them. It couldn’t hurt to also carry a copy of the prescription or DOCTOR’s NOTE stating diagnosis and prescription.

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